I'm having trouble choosing between the 13" Macbook Air and the 13" Macbook Pro

I will be going to college this fall and I want to buy my laptop. The price is not really the concern but I am going for Business so I'm not really sure if I will need the CD drive as much as I think, since i have heard that CD's are becoming like floppy disks. Plus a lighter laptop does sound nice at school. I'm aware taht i would probably use an external hard drive but that's not an issue.
Any suggestions?

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    I was the same as you 3 months ago. In the end I chose the 13 inch MacBook pro. The tipping point for my decision was that it had a CD/DVD drive. This made getting my music onto iTunes easier and it gave me he ability to watch DVDs. I travel a lot and so being able to entertain myself on a hotel room with a good DVD was essential as was the need to not have to arry around extra drives etc. I love the
    MacBook pro, no regrets at all.

    • Answered by Sue J
    • Jan 15, 2012