Impact of SSD on weight of 13" MacBook Pro

I am planning to buy 13″ 2.9GHz Dual-core i7. Weight is an important factor but can’t take Air as will have to run Windows too for Visio and Microsoft Project. So WIN7 VM image will be running on the side all along.

I want to know the impact on the weight of the system if i purchase it with SSD 256GB. If any by how many grams the laptop will be lighter . Dont want to pay extrac if the impact will not be significant.

Will appreciate an answer on this – thanks.

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    Wt of HDD: 100gms
    Wt of SSD: 55gms
    Difference: 45gms or 1.6 oz.

    • Answered by Chandrakanth T from Peoria
    • Feb 12, 2013