iPhone 5 or a Macbook Air?

Hey guys. I need some more help about another decision. So, a few days ago my father popped up randomly (Monday). We hardly talk but he does get me anything I want. So, my mother told me to tell him what I wanted for my birthday, or Christmas. So, I bought my current laptop downstairs to show him what I wanted for my birthday - It was the Macbook Air. He asked how much he would be out of, and I said the price. He said he would be better off getting me a iPhone... so I thought that was a good decision until I thought what my sister was talking about. Below are some cons and pros I came up with. By seeing my cons and pros, you can tell me which one needs to be my final choice.

Macbook Air: Cons ;
I already have a laptop, but it's worth nothing anymore.
Macbook Air; Pros ;
It will work better than my current laptop.
I have been wanting a Macbook Air forever.
I want a backlit keyboard.

iPhone: Cons ;
I don't talk on the phone a lot.
The bill is going to be 85 dollars including my mom's cell phone and the house phone.
I already have an iPod touch, but thinking about giving it to my cousin.
iPhone: Pros ;
I can txt whenever I want and wherever I want.

So, as you can see, the Macbook has little Cons and 2 Pros. Now, my current laptop my mouse doesn't work, and some of the parts are falling off. Whatever you do, don't get a Toshiba laptop. My cousin had one, and she went over to the another laptop... I think the Samsung? I'm not sure.

If you can, please give me some details about these items too. I'll reply when I get the chance. Thank you.

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    I highly prefer a Macbook Air.

    As I can see you are saying that your laptop is at a dying state or a leave it "away side", I would prefer a Air against that.

    Now Against the iPhone I highly prefer you get a MBP air , because it has a processor which is better then the iPhone 5 and it is much stable, it has i5 processor which is dual core. the iPhone 5 has a quad-core but it can not perform that well as a intel one, and it is specially built for a phone.

    MBP air ultra light and it can survive most of the stuff running on a computer. It is capable of having a parallel OS, so you can run windows as well on boot camp or third party parallel softwares.

    You were adding up the text thingy, that you could text when ever you want with an iphone" Apple has developed a new app called iMessages, you can send message to any Apple to Apple product which is compatible for it. Obviously you need WIFI for it, and you need that with the iPhone as well (with iPhone you can text without wifi, but if you use the iMessages free Apple to Apple text then you need Wifi)

    you are also saying you do not talk that much on a phone, so I could not see any need of it, as both of the items gives you the portability.

    If you are looking for buying a gadget running iOS, I would head for the iPad 3, I am pretty sure the 4th is coming soon but do not know when.

    The MBP air´s CPU (processor) has a availability for having a 2.0 ghz upgrade as well if you customise it. And you can choose between 11 inch and 13 inch (the specs difference is the flash drive).

    If your father buys you nearly every thing you point at, then I prefer a Macbook pro Retina. It has weight of 4 lbs, but the specs are awesome. it is easy to carry and fits a daily school books bag, with a laptop pocket. Look it up on the Apple site!

    • Answered by Samad G
    • Oct 13, 2012
  • Just dropped by to say that iMessage can actually be used on 3G or 4G or 4G LTE. With some carriers though, they will restrict it because they want you to pay for a texting service.

    • Answered by Brett M from Kenai
    • May 22, 2013