Is it possible to buy a macbook pro with spanish (NOT western spanish) keyboard in the US?

I'm searching for a Macbook pro with Spanish keyboard containing: ç ñ and different accent keys (such as: ` ´ ^).
Thank you very much.

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    I had the same question, so I called the online store phone number. They said I could buy a Macbook Pro with a built-in French or German keyboard, but NOT Spanish.The only way to get a MacBook Pro with a built-in Spanish keyboard is to buy it in Spain, pay for it with Spanish credit card, and have it delivered to an address in Spain, they said. This is what I will now do. It will be a pain from the point of view of guarantee and support, because i live in UK. But they don't offer any other option, we are a segment of customers Apple does not make life easy for.

    Interestingly, the Genius bar in my local Apple store say they *used* to open up MacBooks and replace English built-in keyboards with Spanish ones. But they don't any more.

    Good luck.

    • Answered by Graham J from Madrid
    • Jun 24, 2012