is the mini mac a computer

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    The Mac mini is a computer with OS X and RAM and a Drive with everything a computer has it is just a more low end (Still better than a PC), it is similar to a net top (Pc brand or a compact desktop [but very low end]) it comes with a configurable i5 Processor to a i7 (Only the server [I think]). The Mac mini does need a external display (Thunderbolt display) or you can use a TV with the HDMI to DVI Adapter and the mac mini comes with a power cable. Also you need a keyboard and mouse to use the Mac mini too. The Mac mini is just the desktop tower.

    Resources: Tech specs on, and apple would not sell the Mac mini as a mac if it was listed as a Mac.

    About me: A wanna be Mac user :'(

    P.S. Do not get a Mac mini if you are gaming. Get another kind of Mac.

    • Answered by Thomas P from Perkiomenville
    • Aug 15, 2012