Is the new macbook pro with retina 15" better than than the 2012 model?

I'm seriously considering the new macbook pro retina 15" with the upgraded configurations for a top of the line machine that can handle loads of video editing work...however I just had another video editor rain on my parade and tell me that the graphics card won't be as good (but new config has dedicated Nvidia card as well as intel card so unsure of what his logic is) and that it's not upgradeable like last years model so he thought buying an older model would be smarter...I've never cared about having the latest new shiny toy but I do want something that will last me several years if I'm gonna fork out that much cash, handle HD video like a work uh, horse , be portable and be able to at least deal with the latest and greatest advancements a few years down the line...I think the new 15" macbook pros can handle it...your thoughts?

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