Is the processor upgrade-able in the macbook pro (retina) 13 inch

I need a fast and portable computer and wanted to ask if you can change the processor to a quad core one because I need that..

Thanks in advance :)

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  • Well, the rMBP is considered un-upgradeable in all forms. The processor and RAM are soldered down onto the motherboard. You'd only break the computer trying to upgrade to a quad-core processor.

    tl;dr- No, the 13" rMBP can't have a quad core processor.

    If you want a 13" Pro, get the regular one with SSDs. You can upgrade the RAM and more on that one in the future with minimal hassle.

    If you want a retina display, get the 15" with the 16GB RAM option. I've got one; it's screaming fast.

    Hope that helps!

    • Answered by Pranav M from Burlington
    • Jul 9, 2013