I've been trying to decide whether to get the new ipad mini or a macbook air; I need it for basic school needs and personal needs as well.

As for school needs I only need it for basic things such as word docs, possibly powerpoints, nothing too serious and downloading music and photography; which would be easier to use/more convenient and easy to carry around, its hard to decide because theyre both so great and highly recommended, but I want to know which would be best for me.

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    Hello. As soon as I read "I need it for basic school needs," I thought a Macbook Air would be the answer. I have an iPad 2, and while it is fun, I do all my serious work on my computer. Using an actual keyboard would be faster for Word docs, while you still can download music and photography. You can use a flash drive for backup of your work, which is very important. The Macbook Air is very lightweight and could be carried around in a knapsack.

    • Answered by Judy R from Bronx
    • Nov 25, 2012
  • I think you'd get frustrated by the size of an iPad Mini for that sort of work. I've used both a 13" Macbook Air and Retina iPad for those same things (school too) and would recommend the iPad all the way. I would be able to give up my Macbook Air if I didn't need to use Adobe Creative Suite programs for work.

    The retina display on the iPad is amazing, and it's so portable, the battery is great and get one with cellular. I used the first gen one for 2 years at school and it was the best decision I ever made. It can do everything you want it to.

    • Answered by Tom M from North Epping
    • Nov 24, 2012