Looking at the Mac mini since its so portable and can plug in anywhere...using it for a one-man-show architecture practice...good choice? Or go iMac?

The main question for me is re: the balance of processing speed and graphics between the two, since the hard drives and ram are comparable. I've seen some say the graphics and processing in the mini isn't up to snuff for real graphic operations. Ill be mainly running sketchup and Autodesk Lite along with the Adobe Creative Suite. The mini caught my eye because I might team with others and want to take the computer with me and plug in at a local monitor. Also, was looking to spend around $1500 for the computer itself before accessories.

2 Answers from the Community

  • If you are runner very power consuming applications it is definitely a better idea to get the iMac. However, note that the iMac is extremely difficult to move while the Mac Mini can be easily slipped into a backpack pocket for easy transportation (assuming you have another monitor were your going). If you are not going to move it very often and you think you need the power you should definitely get the Mini. Also, if you want power and portability in a desktop you might want to check out the Mac Pro. It is still much smaller than an iMac an is much stronger than the Mini.

    • Answered by Jack S from Oakland
    • May 14, 2014
  • The Mac Mini should work good if you plan on traveling with a computer other than a laptop. It can easily be placed in your carry-on bag, just make sure you have all of the necessary cables for a display as you would need to have some sort of display wherever you go. An iMac of course would eliminate that issue. I can't speak to the "real graphics operations", but I got my "mini" with a fusion drive which gives me lots of space for any graphics type of stuff that you would need.

    • Answered by James V from Bethel
    • May 14, 2014