Mac Book Pro vs Mac Book Air vs iPad

Erm, next year I'm going to enter college. I planning to buy myself an Apple product that will be useful in my college life. Mostly, I will surf net, YouTube, projects, some music and one or two games. I want a fast one and I have an external hard disk. Previously, my friend recommends me to take iPad since its portable but Air seems to be better and Pro is better on performance. Guys, I need your help, in a dilemma now. And kindly specify the type should I buy, like for Air its either 128Gb or 256Gb. Thanks.

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    The mac book air or pro. The iPad doesn't have a disc drive and from experience you will need one for collage. The mac book air 13inch is amazing, very fast, and get 256Gb even though it is more expensive, it would be completely worth it.

    • Answered by Rose S
    • Jan 26, 2013