Mac Mini is comperable to what other Mac product?

What other hardware product does Apple offer that is comperable to the new Mac Mini (not server edition)?

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    The mac mini is like a standalone desktop. The difference is that it is running mobile components versus regular desktop components so that it can fit the thermal and wattage necessary for the small frame. Apple's only other standalone desktop is the mac pro and that unit is built for a completely different purpose. You could try and compare it to something like the macbook air 11 inch due to its cheaper pricing, but you are still getting a full laptop compared to a mini pc.

    Apple doesn't really sell a lot of different computers. each fit a very specific usability purpose. you would be better off researching other manufacturers if you want a mini desktop that is remotely comparable to a mac mini.

    • Answered by Kevin L from Markham
    • Aug 3, 2012