mac mini over imac?

I am looking for a new home computer, my first Mac. I want a large screen and primary use will be by the whole family. I looked at a mac mini with a 27" screen and I also looked at a 27" iMac. Which is a better choice? What am i Trading Off?

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    I would most definitely go for the Imac, being that it is the cheaper of the two, (being that with the mac mini you would have to pay $600 for the mini, and then another $1000 for the monitor), plus the fact that the imac has a few more features then the mac mini such as a disk drive, and the option for a larger hard drive which will be nice if you will have a few users.

    • Answered by Steve O from Ballinafad
    • Aug 11, 2011
  • Im thinking about the same thing. Ive learned that the Mac mini 2.3 ghz has a terabyte of storage, which is a ton of space to store lots and lots. You can always purchase another storage device if you ever need it. The mini is also portable according to apple, you can even purchase a case for . My concern is if something like the screen goes out on the Mac mini then the whole thing is shot, and vise versa...if any part of the computer fails then you lose that beautiful screen too.

    • Answered by Patty K from Gainesville
    • May 11, 2013