Macbook air 13'' or macbook pro 13'' (without retina disp) will do for me??

i'm just start college this year and i would love to have mac.
-i play games (PES 2013, FIFA13, COD)
-musics and some movies
-microsoft office

i just wanna know which mac is right for me with a costless price.

Thanks for the help
appreciate :))

1 Answer from the Community

  • I am not sure. I have the 13 in MacBook Pro with retina display and I love everything about it. I at first bought the 15 inch retina but it was just to heavy and big to carry around. The thing that worries me is that you like games and the graphics in the 15 inch would be so much better for gaming. The 13 inch pro gets hot fast while playing some games. I don't play many on mine because of that. When you get a mac I think you should just play most of your games on a ps3 or something. Another thing you didn't mention was how much storage space you need. I have 256GB as 128GB was not enough. It will fill up real fast. I recommend the ssd flash drive over a hard drive. It's so much faster and better. Also you didn't mention how much Ram you want? Any mac you get will be nice but I highly recommend as much storage as you can afford and I recommend flash. Have fun on your mac.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • Apr 15, 2013