MacBook Air Vs. Macbook Pro?

Hi All,

I am looking at getting a Mac laptop and would like a little help in the selection.

I will be using it mainly for social play, I work away quite a bit so I like to use it in my hotel room to watch films etc on the wifi provided by the hotel. It will be just for facebook / email / twitter etc.

I will also be using it for video editing of my Go Pro footage from my racing at the weekends. Non of this is going to be "professional work" it will just be me playing with it and uploading to youtube for my friends to see.

At present I have never edited a video, I am planning on getting some One to One tuiton on this when I get the new laptop.

I really like the MacBook Air but I am wondering if this will cope with the video edits?

I will have most files on an external HD so I am not too bothered about huge onboard storage, which suits the Air, but will the media being external slow down the video editing package?

My other question is, apart from size, is the screen on the Air / Pro the same (I cant afford the Retina option so discount this)?



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    Hello Andy,

    Your question pretty much answered itself. I can only confirm some of what you are thinking.

    Yes, a MacBook Air with an external drive should work perfectly since you are not doing heavy professional video work on it. If you delve more into video editing, then you need a more capable machine.

    One thing though... If you can, go to an Apple Store and directly interact with the two computers and you would be able to quickly determine if the size of the screen is a major factor in your decision.

    All the best!

    • Answered by 'segun O from Winnipeg
    • Oct 12, 2012
  • Hi Andy,
    My personal opinion is that the macbook air will work just fine for you since your not doing anything that would require a bigger processor. From the sounds of it, you are watching a lot of videos. SO it depends on what type of macbook pro you are considering.

    The macbook pro with retina display has a MUCH higher resolution than the macbook air. What i think you should do, is go to the nearest best buy or any apple store with these two computers and check out the screen resolution for both of them. For you i think that will be the biggest factor. IF it turns out that you don't really mind the lower resolution macbook air, then it is the best choice for you! If i were you, my choice would be the air. Screen resolution doesn't really matter to me that much and i do watch a lot of videos. My main use is to write papers, watch videos, use Facebook, and surf the inter webs. The processor is fine on the macbook air and that doesn't sound too far off from what your doing.

    Good luck Andy!

    (both of these are great computers, it just depends if you want a less expensive computer that has an amazing 14 hour battery, or a computer with a faster processor with higher resolution)

    • Answered by Jonathan B from Barrington
    • Oct 23, 2013