macbook or macbook air?

I use my computer for writting alot. But i want a long lasting batter to sit with my guitar and write. i go on facebook alot and youtube. i will need this for school but not that much. i have over 4gb acording to my ipod of music. thats not including my movies. i play the sims2 but it doesnt have to be on my labtop. ps this is my first labtop ever.

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    Hi. The macbook air is swift and agile, it will definitely serve you on the writing front with it's spacious buttons and light that can be used underneath the buttons. I use the air loads for facebook and youtube, it's fast to load and the picture is always clear. As for the memory space, that depends on the gb that you buy. I bought the cheapest gb, I think and I have not yet (nearly three years and a degree later) used all the space available. I can only imagine that the up-dated version will be just as impressive. Well worth the investment! :)

    • Answered by Laura S
    • May 3, 2012