macbook or macbook pro (13 or 15?) for web browsing, graphic design (cs3 illustrator), garageband, music recording

im looking to buy a macbook, either a normal one or a pro for music recording, garagaeband, some cs3 programs, internet, and low power games (minecraft). which laptop would suit me best? money wise and also what i want it for

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    Basically, the base model 13 inch MacBook Pro should be good for everything you'd like to do. If you're highly interested in having a larger screen on your laptop without adding an external monitor and are wanting everything to be about 20-30% faster, I'd say go for the base 15-inch MacBook Pro. That really depends on your wallet, too. My gut says go base 13 Pro with no upgrades (unless you want a bigger hard drive).

    • Answered by Benjamin W from Milford
    • Jun 17, 2011