Macbook Pro 13 in or Macbook Air 13 inch?

So I'm torn between which of these two models to be going through with. I am currently in high school and plan on going in to college to get a Masters or PhD, the major is still questionable, and I need a laptop that'll last me a while.

But the bottom line here is: Which is right for me?

- I LOVE music, in all, I download about 5 songs per day, and already have 1000+ songs on my iTunes
-I download multiple photos, when taking pictures with my iPhone, downloading them on to my computer, making photo albums
-I will need dependable battery life with good portability.
-Then simple day stuff, like Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
-I will probably download a couple of apps from the Mac App Store.
-Typing a substantial amount of essays

If anyone can help my decision, thank you, in advance. Have a nice day!

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    I'm a massive fan of the Air 13', i have MBP 17 and they are true work horses, I'm a pro photographer and someone told me the air was a toy for me, then a chance meeting with a mac nut told me to have another look, the Solid state drive makes it fast, very faster, I can open it on a plane in economy (thats where I travel) and the battery is better

    Sure its not as good as the MBP but the less weight and size means I use it 10 times as much, its a little like the iphone, most of my daily emails are answered from it, those tiny keys are a pain but it beats pulling out a computer every 10seconds, either way you will not be disappointed but for my money consider the air, oh and the weight difference is about one decent text book, think of walking around campus carrying an extra book for no reason. As a last note the smaller HD forces me to back up, which has proved a life saver.

    • Answered by Edward S from Sydney
    • Oct 28, 2012
  • The air for sure.
    The form factor and solidity of the unit is unparalleled.
    The solid state drives make the machines VERY snappy.
    The portability is amazing, my 11 inch goes everywhere with me.
    They are silent (seriously, unless you really max the machine out rendering in FCP or alike you will never hear it).
    The air screens have much higher pixel density than the standard pro's, resulting in equivalent resolution to a pro with a screen 2 inches larger (11 inch air = 13 inch pro).
    The air is cheaper.

    • Answered by William T
    • Oct 28, 2012
  • Hi, Do you use DVDs. I mean really, think about it do you? How many cds did you shove in your computer this month? answer yourself these questions, and think about it.

    Let get to the point, a Macbook Air (MB Air) , has SSD and it will boot up your system faster, in fact it will enhance your system usage as well. Of course you can get a SSD on a MBP 13 inch, but it is expensive, 200 dollars more for upgrading from 500 gb hdd to 128 gb ssd. MB air has everything a macbook pro 13" has, jus it is thiner and it does not have a DVD drive. The MBP 13" has of course a better CPU, but it not that much different from a MB air.

    There are many ports which is on MBP 13" but not on a MB air, this is of course, because Apple wants to make it thiner. You can buy ports and DVD drive, and if you do that then the obvious part is, that you can bring it where ever you like in concerning with your portability.

    Another thing to remember, is that MB air can not be upgraded. Only the flash drive (SSD) can. This is due to the ultra thinness, if you compare it to a windows computer, then Ultrabooks are the one. Ultrabooks are not upgradeable either, or most of them are not.

    I highly prefer you to buy a MB air, if not then a MBP retina. the Retina is slightly expensive, but powerful for being that strong.

    If you are concerning about the upgrade part, then MBP 13" is not exactly a computer you open up, and upgrade everything. If someone does the it is RAM or Battery. You will have apple care, so there will be no major problems concerning batteries for minimum 3 years.

    But when it gets to these computer like MB air or MBP Retina, then you have to know exact how much ram and CPU you need. Because that will not be upgradable, in fact the CPU does not get upgraded on any of the Apple laptops, because of the structure of the logic-board.

    Do conceder SSD, it is awesome. once you get to it, you never leaves.

    • Answered by Samad G
    • Oct 17, 2012