Macbook pro i5 or macbook air i5 for college student

I need advice for a suitable macbook for college student,Im going to college next year, i usually use my previous laptop (not a mac) for web browsing and make some powerpoint or some slide for presentation, but now, my laptop was broken and im thinking to get a macbook.

Im thinking to get a macbook air i5 , but then, i was thinking is it good for me?, because for past 1 month i had a photography class, which i should editing some photo with photoshop or other software, and editing a movie and music too, so.. What should i choose, macbook pro i5(maybe upgrade the ssd or ram) OR macbook air i5?

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    MacBook Air for me. It's a "real" compu-tater and the solid state hard drive makes it even faster than the MBP, with a spinning HD. The weight in your packback will be a 5 lb bag of sugar, versus a 2.5 lb envelope of rice cakes, and it will be very noticeable.

    Save money by getting external storage, or even an external optical disc drive and you're golden eggs will be ripe with treasure.

    Lecture hall = small/tiny armrest/desk surface. Smaller is better. It's small, but it packs a wallop. It's aluminum. aluminium.

    • Answered by Daniel W from Fairborn
    • Sep 1, 2012