Macbook Pro Retina vs iMac

This is a question I have been dying to ask!!!
I have the choice of buying the latest Macbook Pro Retina Display or the latest iMac...
But I dont know which which one fulfil my needs, or performs better, or does cooler stuff, or is value for money!!!???
(FYI- I am a fourteen year old boy who does 70% of my school work/projects on my computer, and loves to surf the web.
I am the type of guy that doesnt really play games on a computer, but likes to do drawings, write songs & customize photos)

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    I bought a Macbook pro 13 retina.. it's amazing to look your pictures in there, I do also drawings, photos, and I am very happy with the portability of macbook pro, it's also very light, you will be able to carry it wherever you want and use the microphone for your songs, etc.. IMac.. if you need a huge screen, if not I really recommend you to have the macbook pro retina, then you can always find a second hand Display to connect at home to watch films, etc. good luck

    • Answered by Enric F from Braunschweig
    • Feb 15, 2014