my Apple mail program keeps asking me to enter my password repeatedly throughout the day. Why can't it be entered for once and stay open?

I have my mail set up to receive Yahoo accouts mail via the apple mail program (stamp icon).

Even though I type in my Yahoo password for each of the 2 Yahoo accounts when I first open the program - by clicking on the stamp icon, I get a screen repeatedly asking me to enter the password.

Why do I keep getting asked to enter the password and how do I enter it only once and it stay open? In other words, why does the system keep locking me out on my own computer repeatedly?

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  • .....Most MAIL Settings...Either through the server ONLINE.... Or the settings on your MACHINE.... ?!

    ....Will normally take care of ALL that NORMALLY .... However if you have STRONG security on your Machine this could be the culprit; or
    you might have a problem with MALWARE on your machine....which is not to be omitted as a possibility....
    First though I would update your Malware/ Virus program then do a DEEP SCAN of your system.....
    then see if there are improvements .... after rebooting of course.... ;) Then if the problem persist most likely it's your settings in
    your SECURITY programs (Antiviral/Anti-Malware...etc.) settings possibly.... All this will take time & if you don't have patience then find
    someone else to help 9technician...etc.); not just anyone but someone who knows what going on....okay ? ;)

    -Good Luck....

    -HartOtex..... ;)

    PS (If YOUR NOT TECH SAVY....don't chance screwing matters more.....okay...? ;)

    • Answered by Bernard S from San Marcos
    • Oct 22, 2014