My PC (Compaq) gave out on me and I'm entertaining replacing it with either a Macbook Air 13 inch (128GB) or the Macbook Pro 13 inch (2.4 ghz). HELP!

I am a group fitness manager and the bulk of the memory of my itunes is exercise music. I checked my ipad and out of 32GB, I've already used 23GB of the total memory. (That is just a thousand songs roughly. Industry wise, that is a small library of music - and I intend to increase my music collection.) I also have exercise videos and choreography loaded in my current itunes library and ipad. So in terms of storage, the Air worries me as my budget will allow for the 128GB only.

Another important concern is that I shuttle between 3 different centers for work so yes, transporting my work laptop is an issue. My back has suffered because of the weight I need to carry around, so in terms of this dimension, the Air seems to be the runaway winner.

My monthly reports are in Excel (I've never had a Mac before, this will be my first) and I suppose in either models, I have to get software to make it compatible - did I understand it correctly?

I am not a gamer. I only dabble in Cafe World by Zynga (I know, "serious" gamers laugh at it and the ones who play it) so the issue of graphics quality is not all that important to me. (Which is why for the PRO, I don't need the AMD Radeon.) I'm not in advertising, so I don't think I'll be using Final Cut Pro or other apps of that nature.

I do use youtube and other video sites frequently, both for music videos and exercise applications. I browse sites like ACE and ACSM for information. I regularly do online transactions. As far as ordering exercise music, I'm planning to switch completely to downloading instead of (how I used to do it until last year) ordering CDs from the USA and having them shipped all the way to the Philippines. (The fees are killing me.)

I need help deciding which of the two models would be better, given my worklife and lifestyle. Price wise, they are roughly the same so I need to hear advice from people who actually use either of these models.

Thanks in advance for any help, I appreciate it!

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  • I have the mac book pro 13 inch with retina display and I love it. In your situation I would get the mac book air but the do make an air with the 256GB storage. It's a little more but in the long run I think you would be better off than trying to squeak by with 128GB. look at it like this, it's a chunk of change to get a mac anyway so the worse thing would be to spend the money and wish you wood have gotten more storage. Best buy has the model I am talking about right now. Either way you will love the mac. Once you go mac you really don't look back.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • Mar 25, 2013
  • Best Answer:

    I would say the Macbook Air. From reading everything you wrote, I think the one thing you should be concerned about is storage. But remember, there's always external hard drives or other options if you need more space. 256GB is a lot more than it sounds. The RAM, processor and graphics would not be an issue for the way you're going to use your new laptop.

    Macbook Air! I think it's the right choice.

    • Answered by Peter A from South Portland
    • Jan 29, 2012