Planning on buying a MBP within the next few months - which is the best for me?

I'm going into first-year university next fall, probably as a business major. I love gaming, so I'd like a laptop that is capable of handling graphic-intensive games. I'm also quite into video and photo editing, and have a ton of programs opened all at once.

Which Macbook would be best suited for my needs? I'm looking for a laptop that's long-lasting and performs well. With the performance factor in mind, is the $200 ish investment in more RAM worth it, and perhaps an upgrade in the hard drive?

I'm not very familiar with the operating system on Macs, but I learn and adapt these kind of things quite fast - would getting the applecare or one to one still be needed? Last question - should I get the Belkin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter for presentations?

Thanks so much!!

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  • With a lot of gaming, video and photo editing, the macbook air probably isn't the right Macbook For you (unless you decide to upgrade the RAM, and processor), however it is extremely light and portable which is great for universities.
    The Macbook Pro (Non-Retina) is great for gaming, and photo/video editing. The Pro however isn't very portable and would be harder to bring to class to class. The Pro is the only laptop to come without FLASH storage, which means a lot more space, but also a lot slower. FLASH is up to four times (4x) as fast as HHD storage. However it is also the only one to come with a CD/DVD drive, the other ones you have to buy a separate device to plug into the Mac.
    The Macbook Pro with Retina Display is the very best Apple Macbook, but is also the most expensive, The Retina Macbook Pro is just as good as the Pro at gaming, and photo/video editing, but because of the FLASH storage, it is a lot faster. The Pro retina is also very thin (a bit thicker than the Air) so it would be easy to carry around to all of your classes. It is also the most expensive however.
    Mac OS X (The Mac Operating System) is very easy to use and you will adapt very quickly. It's loaded with tons of features, but they are all very easy to use. Also, with the Mac, you are able to use iMove and iPhoto for Movie/ Video editing. These come free on every new Mac, and are extremely easy to use but also have tons of features. There are Pro versions of these, Final Cut Pro X, and Aperture, however these need to be purchased separately, and are very expensive ( $300 for FCPX, and $80)
    Extra RAM is important for the Pro applications, and high end gaming. An upgraded processor is a speed boost all around. So depending on what your using you may want to upgrade one of those.

    • Answered by Connor B from Golden
    • Apr 28, 2013