Revit on Macbook Pro

I am looking for an actual user of Autocad Revit on Macbook retina pro. I have read a horror story here... (this window won't allow me to post the link - i will send it separately if you want ) ... where a Revit isntructor cannot use revit on a new macbook retina pro.

I want to find an real-world actual verified installation of Revit 2013 on a Macbook Retina Pro: not "you should be able to" which is what all the postings say.

1 Answer from the Community

  • Since 2011, I have used Revit on a MacBook Pro, through Windows 7 (and now 8.1). While it is certain there are faster machines out there, Revit works fine for my use. The software is installed on Bootcamp. Use through a VM is not recommended. I installed an SSD and 16gb RAM on a 2.3 core i7 MBP and find it works for AutoCad, AutoCad Architecture, and Revit. We do not do a lot of rendering, primarily using the software for production documents.

    • Answered by Daniel D from Orlando
    • Apr 29, 2014