Should I get a macbook air when I already have a macbook pro and an ipad 2?

I have a 4-year-old 15-inch MacBook Pro which still works perfectly, except for some operating system issues, but is very heavy. It is a bit of an effort to carry into work at times. I also have an ipad 2, although this is mainly used for emails sometimes and social networking and games.
I am considering getting an 11-inch macbook air and using the pro as more of a desktop. I use mainly word, pointpoint and the internet on my pro.
Do you think there would be benefits of getting an air? or is it a waste of money?- I have been told the screen isn't that great- but as my pro is so old I may not notice this!

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  • I have a 4-5 year-old pro, an ipad 2 and a mac air, 11-inch. (Also have a mini, a 17-inch and an iMac - I'm a bit over-the-top)

    The screen on the air is better than the iPad 2, and the machines seems almost the same weight! I don't notice I am holding the air in my hand with a notebook, it is that negligible. I have really enjoyed using the air for about a year, but now I'm thinking of selling it. I find the screen is too small, when you pinch and zoom, you are essentially losing screen real estate. I do need a mild pair of reading glasses but I still think the screen is too small for productivity - and don't get me started on the battery - the 11 inch is about three hours.. and that includes just leaving the screen open, connected to wifi. That battery life can seem like nothing when you are surfing while watching tv. It's a good machine for blogging, quick typing, otherwise, why would you want an affixed keyboard if you don't type much..

    I have a 128 gb ssd and something to be aware of - your email account can hog a huge amount of your hard drive - it is actually there, on your mac.

    If you are still considering an Air, the 13-in has the bigger screen and better battery. But then, a 13-in PRO is not much heavier, has even better battery and more usb ports, and potentially a bigger screen. You can even get SSD on them now, which makes the PRO's really fast.

    Either way, if you buy a new mac, you will notice a huge increase in speed from your mac, and a better operating system. If you can go to the store and play with them, that is the best.

    • Answered by Suzanne M P from Brampton
    • Feb 20, 2013