should i get a macbook pro or a macbook air

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    It depends upon how you use and what for u use.If you are keen on portability go for air since its extremely weight less compared to mac book pro there's lots of difference between the two.If you are a heavy user (like gaming,editing photos n videos...etc..) then you must go for mbp which has all the capabilities to run them!!

    • Answered by Krushna C
    • Jan 13, 2013
  • If money is not a problem, a Mac Book Pro is the best choice all day long. I have owned Macs ( Apples ) since the early 90s. Actually, I just bought another one 2 weeks ago. What a rocket. The Mac Book Pro is not only a much better choice in all aspects, but it's much more tough physically and durable too. I hope this info helps.

    Enjoy your new mac !!!!!, Victor

    • Answered by Victor R from Odessa
    • Jan 19, 2013