Should I get new 13" Mac air or the 13" Mac Pro with Retina? I'm going to go to school for Nursing, which do you think would be the best choice?

I really like the air because it's faster, more battery life, and cheaper but I'm not going use either of them to edit videos or anything like that. Also the pro has Hdmi and retina. I'm stuck!

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    simple, the answer is macbook air !! you wont need a macbook pro with retina unless you require best graphics and performance . But the new macbook air 2013 provides 40% more graphics soo no problem for daily day use and some intense tasks !! unless if you are going to look for more and more detail in your photos and videos you wont need a macbook pro with retina !! I had the same confusion and i choose the macbook air !

    • Answered by Krushna C
    • Jul 1, 2013