Should I get the higher 15-inch or the 17-inch?

I'm looking to get a MBP for college in a year or two, and I wanted to start thinking now about which one I would like better. I'm most likely going to be in engineering (either chemical or nuclear), so that might affect the decision a little. Obviously there's some time for everything to change (OS, Graphics, etc.) but I wanted to know what is currently better. I want a pretty fast computer with at least 500GB of Hard Drive, and at least 4GB of RAM. I wondering if the higher 15-inch or the 17-inch would be a better option for me. I like the bigger display, but if it's not worth the extra money then I really couldn't care less.

Also, would it be worth it to maybe upgrade the RAM in the future, or buy it with a SSD instead?

Thanks for reading all this. :)

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  • No buy the MacBook Pro with Retina display 15 inch has HD graphics than the ordinary MacBook Pro
    The ordinary MacBook Pro only has glossy display
    The Retina display has HD and high quality display and Retina display
    The Retina has 2.8 GHz
    and Intel i7
    Up to 16 GB Memory
    Up to 768 flash storage
    The Retina has 2 graphic cards
    The ordinary has 1
    15.4 inch Retina display
    2880 by 1800 pixels
    The Retina lasts for 95 hours battery
    the ordinary is just has 50 or 65 battery
    85W charger for Retina
    Up to 7 hours wirless web
    2 USB 3 ports
    2 Thunderbolt ports the ordinary has 1 port only
    1 HDMI port for Retina no HDMI ports for ordinary
    FaceTime HD Camera for all models
    SDXC card slot for Retina and 2 ordinary models
    OSX Mountain Lion + iLife Software

    Ordinary MacBook Pro
    2000$ All ordinary models

    Retina Display MacBook

    • Answered by Hans A from Antipolo
    • Apr 21, 2013