Should I get the new 13" or 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

I'm looking to get a MacBook Pro with Retina Display for college next year and can't decide on which one to get, the new 13" or the refurbished 15" with the graphics card. I plan on doing some editing in after effects and other adobe programs but not much. I recently used and older macbook (non retina) today with a 13" screen and hated it. Will the Retina Display make the screen seem bigger than it actually is or should I opt for the 15" refurb? If I got the 13" I would get the 256gb ssd, 8gb ram and upgrade to the 2.6ghz processor for $1,489, but the refurb 15" has a 256gb ssd, 8gb ram and a 2.4ghz processor for $1,659, which one should I get?

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    I have the 13" Retina 3Ghz 512GBSSD 8GB and I love it, I would get a bigger HD 512GB is perfect for me, I use external drives for storage,
    I am thinking of getting a 27" screen for editing though, but I use Protools and need the space, I also use Adobe CC suite and video and still images are great, a super fast machine, and small enough for me to get shot of my iPad which is next to useless IMHO :) now I carry a real computer with me instead of a overpriced email and e-reader. If I had the money I would still get the 13" and a big extra screen rather than a 15", although I did not realize just how light it would be without the DVD drive, so maybe you could go for a 15" Quad most students do use the 15" and it covers all your bases.

    • Answered by Mathew J from Chicago
    • Sep 16, 2014