SSD or traditional hard drive on Macbook Pro

I am new to Mac and just bought the Mac book Pro i7 with 750 GB this week. I am thinking I should trade it in for the new solid state hard drive . I would either get the
Macbook pro with retina - i5 for 1499

would I need to upgrade to an i7? or should I splurge for the

Macbook pro with retina - i5 for 1699 with the 256GB

I am a student and a teacher, I have researched these a lot and need some ideas before my 14 days runs out. I don't have a lot of data but heard you can't upgrade. Am I missing any big benefits of the solid state and retina?


1 Answer from the Community

  • If you have a MacBook Pro with out retina display you can update the hard drive to ssd and the memory. Now if you do get the retina display Macbook pro you wont be able to upgrade any thing at all. So it your choice.

    • Answered by Chi L from Las Vegas
    • Feb 28, 2015