What are the challenges of using Mac instead of PC,especially as a grad student?

I am in the process of switching from PC to Mac-book. After detailed research I found that it is hard to get rid of Microsoft stuff even if you are using Mac. Such as software, blackboard, office, adobe Acrobat...etc. I went to apple store to see if there are solutions for that they told me you need to buy a parallel ($80)which lets you install windows ($70) to use the software because most of them are not supporting Mac, and you need an office for Mac ($79 for student), and so on. Technically, I must spend lots of money($1,600) to use the hardware of Mac and the software are still Windows based and interface.
I really don't like Microsoft products and love apple products, my experiences with my iPhone and iPad are amazing, please your advice to convince me that switching to Mac is the right move. Thanks!

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    Switching from Windows to Mac can be rough, but there are versions of most Windows products, such as Microsoft Office, that are built specifically for a Mac. Also, if there isn's a version of software that you used to use on a PC, there are a lot of alternatives in the AppStore that can be used in there place.

    If you want to use 100% of all applications that you used on a PC, the only thing I could think of doing is installing Parallels, and then installing Windows. There are some websites sponsored by Parallels that can get you a decent discount on the software.

    Good luck with your switch.

    • Answered by Michael B from Fpo
    • Apr 27, 2013