What computer is the best

  • Asked by fn from Rowland Heights

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    It depends what your needs are. I love desktop computers so I have an iMac and love it. Its great for editing movies, photos, and playing games. But if you travel a lot go with a macbook air. If you think you'll need a cd-rom drive you can get an external one because most people barely use it anyway and it will just weigh you down. (Personally I just travel with an iPad) MacBooks are great I had one, but to get the most of your money go with the iMac it costs the same as a Macbook pro and its bigger and has more space.

    • Answered by Rachel O from Oakdale
    • Apr 1, 2012
  • Personal Preference to be honest. I've owned a PC for about 14yrs..but also owned & iPhone,iPad & Apple Tv + a Time Capsule and although PC's are nice and have a Wide price range it just made sense to get a iMac to run all my Apple products so that if I had any problems to solve it made things easier to fix them with All Mac vs Having to look up PC solutions & then Mac solutions.

    • Answered by Christopher W from Anchorage
    • Apr 1, 2012