What do I use to clean the iMac screen

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    Hi Lisette,
    Depends what model you have -

    - pre 'late 2012' versions, with high-reflection screens, can be treated like a good quality mirror. Use a moist lint free cloth or better micro fibre cloth and a mild glass or spectacles cleaning fluid. Don't use paper tissues.

    - the later models have a nano coating, which reduces reflection.
    ONLY clean as described by Apple in their manual (does anybody ever read them?).
    Use the black Apple Micro Cloth that came with the iMac.
    If you lost it, use a spectacles micro cloth (large size, available from any Optician).

    Switch iMac off.
    Moisten the cloth! Don't start with a dry cloth, the dust on the screen may scratch it).
    If your water is very hard, leaving a white film, use destilled or pre-boiled water.

    Very lightly wipe off all dust.
    Rinse the cloth.
    Gently wipe over the screen again, especially over finger marks.
    Rinse cloth, wring out well and repeat once more.

    The remaining moisture should dry within a few seconds and leave a perfect screen!

    Avoid touching the screen when pointing something out.
    Enjoy your Mac!

    • Answered by Werner S
    • Dec 29, 2013