What is the best laptop for a college teacher who is a grad student as well?

I had had my whole working life HP laptops (near 10 years) Two years ago I bought a HP dv4 which stopped working yesterday. I don't really know what happened with it... But reading a forum the symptoms of it, it seems like the graphic board is broken. I have to say that I treated that computer like a child... so it does not have any reason to be broken in shortly time (it has just 2 years of life).
The think is that I am in the middle of the Fall, I am Grad student and College teacher and I need to buy a new computer which will last. It has to be reliable, fast and it has to have enough storage. I need to carry my laptop everywhere so I would need something light which would be easy to have the whole day into my bag pack.
I hope I gave you enough info to you give a nice answer. thanks

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  • It would seem as though an iPad would best fit your needs. It has productivity apps (iWork, Pages, Keynote, and numbers) which are nothing more than apple's version of MS office so typing papers shouldn't be a problem. All of the online storage apps (dropbox, box, google drive, sky drive etc) can be used with the iPad so uploading work would not be a problem. Also the iPad can act as a usb if you just want to store something on it (there's an app for that ) and transfer without having to sync to itunes. Last but not least with iBooks you may even be able to purchase whatever books your courses require, even if you don't you can always get an e-copy, pdf etc and just drop it in iBooks and use it as a normal book .

    • Answered by James L from Irvington
    • Apr 24, 2013