What is the best personal finance or banking software?

I've used Quicken for Windows in the past, but want to move this function over to a MAC. I've also looked at iBank and Quicken Essentials for MAC but haven't seen very many positive reviews for either.

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    I am an old PC guy, used MS Money for years, then that went away and switched to Quicken. Then my IT guys told me I HAD to have a Mac. I was appalled that there seemed to be NO personal finance software, the Quicken for Mac is so dumbed down as to be unusable. I ran parallelI, that is used Mac but ran Quicken on PC for 2 years, went to several sites searching and found iBank. It took some getting used to but now it my program. It imported ALL of my Quicken data flawlessly and has mobile apps that synch just as they say they will. My answer is to try iBank.

    • Answered by Mark F from Midland
    • Sep 18, 2013