What is the difference between mac book and mac book pro ?

I'm a civil engineer and mostly I work with auto cad and such programs. I also need to know if I can run these programs on my mac windows or should I run Microsoft for?. Screen quality is very important to me.

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    The MacBook and the MacBook Pro have many differences. The MacBook Pro is by far better if you use many applications that include 3-D visual and other things of that sort. If you need alot of applications going at once both of them are very good at that, but the pro has many perks, it has a better processor and so it can run faster. You can run Windows on your MacBook Pro because there's this software that they pre-install called Bootcamp, and with Bootcamp, you can go of of the Mac system and go onto the Windows system in whcih they installed. If you want to run Windows on a regular Macbook than you might have to talk to your local Apple store to see if they can install Bootcamp for you. It might cost extra but it's very handy if you're not used to the Mac yet. You can run Microsoft ofn any Macbook, all you have to do is go online onto Apple's Page and then in the applications, you can download Microsoft, but you probably have to pay to have it.
    Both computers are excellent in running programs, and if you want physical differences or motherboard differences just compare them with eachother here online. Of course you could go to a local Apple Store and ask the professionals what the differences are between them, so you don't have to listen to me at all! (:
    I would go with the Macbook Pro though because it is beyond many peoples' expectations, and it's performance is amazing and fast. I love the Pro because it's innovative, keeps things neat (which is good for perfectionists or people who hate clutter).
    If you don't process alot of graphic or audio objects, then I would go with the Macbook because it's just as good and it will of course be on top performance and fulfill whatever you need done! :D

    • Answered by Audrey T from San Antonio
    • Jun 12, 2011
  • Hi Hesam,

    15" Pro is the one you have to buy as it has better graphics card and workspace and resolution is better.

    There is Mac version of Auto Cad , office and numerous apps which are Mac compatible.


    • Answered by Imran K from Dubai
    • Apr 10, 2012