What small business software with inventory is recommended?

I have a small business in my home. I have used PC for 18 years and had a software program that took care of my business. It was "Mind Your Own Business", but is no longer available. (Actually prior to the PC, I used the MYOB software on a Mac, about 20 years ago).

Angry with the present PCs, I have returned to an Apple---MacBook Pro. I now need a business software program that can work in a similar manner. I have a very large inventory of items that I use to create the artist teddy bears that I make to sell. I need a program that can follow a list of required inventory items to a specific bear and pull those items out of the inventory and give me a cost for the completed bear. I also need the program to do inventory counts, sales and purchase records, profit and loss, etc. to run my business.

Please recommend a small business software program to meet my needs that is not more than $250, if possible!?

Armella M. Dana

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