What type of MacBook is better for school students?

I am an aspiring Journalist and I need a good, fast, capable laptop that will be sutible for years 11 and 12 then University.
I need programs such as:
- Adobe Photo Shop
- Adobe Reader
- Word
- Excel
- Publisher
- PowerPoint
- Microsoft Office
- iTunes
I will also need to open PDF files, and maybe even a CD drive (I don't know if this will be required as my courses are hopefully going to be online)
I need quite a lot of storage, and ways to print out pages efficiently and the laptop needs to be light as I will be carrying it around.


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    The only program that you listed that while require some significant performance is Photoshop, but only if your going to do some serious editing. If you are, I would recommend the 15" Macbook Pro with Retina display. If your more on a budget, I would recommend the 13" version. Keep in mind that neither the 15 or 13 inch Retina has a built in DVD/CD drive. You would have to purchase a external
    DVD drive such as the Apple SuperDrive ($79.99).
    If your not going to be doing some lighter Photoshop, go with the regular MacBook Pro. In most cases the MB Air would be fine, or even better, but you it only comes with 128 GB of storage and no DVD drive (You could get the SuperDrive and custom-config it to have more storage, but that would ultimately be more expensive)

    • Answered by Will B from San Luis Obispo
    • Jul 27, 2013