Which is better for a premed college student, the pro or the air?

I've been using my white macbook for 4 years and need to upgrade before going off to college. My plan is to study premed/chemistry and then head off to medical school. I need to computer that can hold a lot of storage without losing lots of speed. Can anyone help me out? I'm trying to be on top of things before the apple store gets filled with students.

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    Hi Sophia - sorry if this is a repeat, I can't tell whether or not my answer posted! I recommend getting a macbook pro. I have an air right now, and the only thing I don't like about it - which is a big thing - is that it does not have a cd drive. If you are planning on going to med school, you will need a cd drive in both undergrad and med school, especially for classes like anatomy, physiology, histology, etc. You don't need a ton of storage, although you will be writing lots of papers and making powerpoint presentations and things like that. Definitely go with the Macbook Pro!

    • Answered by Julie H from Morrison
    • Jun 19, 2014
  • Sophia,
    For you I would recommend the MacBook Air, unless preMed and Medical School require a lot of complex, graphic intensive programs (in which case, I would recommend the Macbook Pro). 8GB of RAM and 256GB would work well for you with either a 2.4ghz or2.6 Ghz processor. If you feel you need more storage, you can always get the 512GB option or an external hard drive.

    • Answered by Marshall M from Aberdeen
    • May 26, 2014