Which is better to run windows on Mac- vm5 or parallel?

I just got my MacBook pro and I want to run windows 7 on it so I can use some of my microsoft programs and games on this computer. Which is better to do this: vm5 or parallel?

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    I had much better luck with VM.

    • Answered by Patricia R from Fort Lauderdale
    • Sep 16, 2012
  • I have used both on my iMac, and have since upgraded. Initially purchased a 2007 iMac and vm ware, kit ran windows XP , as long as I wanted to work with the 2 software pkgs that I needed windows for and did not toggle back and forth from windows to mac things worked ok, )when I purchased the Mac I had an additional meg of RAM installed, should have done 2 more). if I joggled back and forth things got really slow.
    Early in 2013 I purchased Parallels and it seemed to have the same issues, a little faster when toggling back and forth a little more stable.

    I just recently purchased another iMac 2014 and have had 16 megs of ram installed, and now run parallels, stable can now toggle back and forth with better speed and processing. My gut says change the software out on the windows side, problem is software mfg does not make a mac version (so bad on them). So until the software mtgs. open up and make a product that works within a mac environment I will stick with Parallels,

    If I had to choose between the 2 VM or Parallels, it's a toss up, both keep you advised of updates, both have good tech support.

    • Answered by Michael S from Windermere
    • Feb 28, 2014