Which is the cheapest Mac for a casual user?

Greetings. I use my PC for browsing the web and doing projects as well as online chatting and listening to music. I occasionally use it for gaming but I have a 10 year old PC and my options in that area are quite limited. Although the ability to play games is completely unimportant to me.

I'm looking for a cheap mac that can do all the above functions. A desktop most preferably as I have an Apple iPad that I take with me on the road. As well as an iPhone.

I'm looking to "converting" to be a Mac user since I'm quite tired of my PCs malfunctioning on me. The current one I have gets approximately 5 blue screens per day and its impossible to use it for anything.

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    the mac mini would be the cheapest mac you can get although it is a desktop and might not be as reliable it runs at $600

    • Answered by Logan W from Prior Lake
    • Aug 2, 2012
  • I'd like to say it is th Mac Mini.
    If u like portable ones thn i'd say macbook Air (u can get an external disc reader tht is no prblm !
    Well Best of Luck !

    • Answered by Anirudh K from Edison
    • Dec 5, 2011