Which laptop for business use?

I work for a small project management company and would really like to purchase a new laptop. I am fed up with the constant problems on every windows-based laptop I've had and would like a Mac, but am not sure which model to go for. I work both from home and the office so it definitely has to be a laptop. I do the following with my laptop:

- send a lot of emails
- am constantly on the Internet, using several pages at once
- I create a lot of excel spreadsheets and run multiple workbooks at once (usually managing budgets)
- I occasionally create graphics with adobe illustrator (logo work and print media), but this is not the primary focus of my job

We will be purchasing and maintaining a network/server for remote storage to help with memory.

Which is better for the above uses - MacBook Pro or Air?

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    I would go with the macbook pro 13inch because you can you use big programs such as the illustrator. I use the macbook pro 13inch with my business too and it is great. Great laptop to get. You also have a cd/dvd drive in this model. It also has 500gb of memory. Great computer!!

    • Answered by Marianne S from South Dartmouth
    • Jul 7, 2014