Which Mac is right for Junior High?

This would be for the 6th Grade and am interested in a Mac. Which Mac would be sufficient for
720p iMovie (15 Minute Projects Maximum)
Web Browsing (Most Intensive: Flash Player)

I think the base 11.6 Macbook Air [with the Upcoming Sandy Bridge] would be adequate

Am I Right? What would be Best Portability Wise?

2 Answers from the Community

  • Macbook Air 11"

    Your right, the MBA 11" is the best laptop for your 6th grader. Its light and mobile so it wont be a physical burden for students. Its powerful enough to run 15min video projects as well as address most presentation.

    Best of all, MBA has a lot to offer when it comes to value for money. You're actually getting more than you paid for.

    • Answered by Sherwin S from Quezon City
    • Dec 10, 2012
  • MacBook air its great for school! I love mine esp. the fact that its light, holds alot of memory and is FAST! esp. when I have deadlines to meet. I recommend it highly!

    • Answered by Anthony C from San Antonio
    • Dec 10, 2012