Which Mac is right for me?

Hi. I am looking for a MacBook Pro. I need it for:

holding and using my iTunes library
storing my photos
playing around with photos in Lightroom or Apeture
basic word processing
running Quicken or another small business app
using the internet

It'd be nice to be able to edit home videos, etc, but it's not a top priority.

I have been looking at the refurbished options and the educator discount, and the refurbs seem like a much better deal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2 Answers from the Community

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    The $1,499 MacBook Pro 13 should be good for you... For a couple hundred more colors if you want you could get the baseline 15 Inch MacBook Pro

    • Answered by Drew S from Monarch Beach
    • Jul 11, 2012
  • I was going to get a refurbished MacBook but decided to spend the few extra hundred for a brand new machine with the latest features. Trust me, it is definitely worth every penny. For you, it seems like the baseline MacBook Pro 13 inch is perfect! The latest Intel Ivy Bridge Core processors and RAM will be able to handle all the things you need it for. If you feel you need a larger screen, take a look at the baseline 15 inch model. While you may not need the strong performance it offers, you will appreciate the extra screen real-estate for photo/video editing. Good luck and enjoy your new Macintosh!

    • Answered by Anthony A from Ronkonkoma
    • Jul 11, 2012