which mac would honestly be best for a complete apple beginner, plus i would like the beginners best ,thankyou john

ive never owned ever a mac before and would like to know whats the best mac for me , I want to do everything I do on windows ,but expect more from a mac , im loving the I pad , but now would like a mac computer but really unsure of which to choose , help me please,,im totally converted , which would be the best for a simpleton [ my words about myself lol ] to learning , will my apps from the I pad be on the mac I choose or do I have to re-buy, do I also need a mac mini , because I cant seem to find an answer I can unstand if I need it and what it really does , thankyou so much , sorry about the infantile questions , but I need infantile answers , I just wish I,d discovered apple earlier in life thanks so much all answers appreciated , I realise your time is important so thanks for taking the time out to answer a complete beginners questions , john , happy 2013 to all apple fans the world over .

1 Answer from the Community

  • I would recommend the iMac for you, buy it directly from the Apple store and take some of there free classes before and after the sale.

    • Answered by Ahmad D from North Bergen
    • Jun 12, 2013