Which one is better for me? MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

I will be studying a Masters in Spanish next year. The program is 2 months in the states, 9 months in Spain, and 2 months in Argentina. I'm debating between the Pro and Air. I have hesitations about the Air not having a CDROM drive, although I know if need be I can purchase an external. I would be transporting the MacBook frequently and was wondering if the 1.5lb weight difference would be significant. Would love to hear from anyone who has experience with the Pro or Air and international travel. Thanks!

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    It really depends. The only perks to the pro is th CD drive. Remember, With the Air you can download apps or anything else you need, no problem. If you are using it for things like music, video editing, photo editing, or things of that sort, go Pro. But if you're really just writing papers, doing presentations, emails, get the Air. In my opinion based on what you have said, I would go with the Air. Make sure to get Apple Care protection since you will be traveling and you never know what could happen to it.

    I in the same position you are, and I'm gonna be getting the Air. There are USB ports if I really need extra storage, and can download anyhing I need from the App Store, or other forms of downloading.

    • Answered by Andrew B
    • Apr 16, 2013
  • I would get the MacBook Pro retina. The weight would defiantly not be an issue with that pro. I have had both and until the Air has the retina display I am going to always use my Pro. I also have had the Original pro with the optical drive. Once you have seen things in the retina you just can't go back the display is amazing. The retina has the fast ssd drive and it will be faster than the Air. The pro just feels better to me. With you traveling the flash drive will be better. The hard drives are on their way out. To many moving parts that can break and give you problems. Get the Mac Pro retina if you want the best I bought the 15 inch but returned it for the 13 inch as it was just to bulky for me. I love the 13 inch retina Pro. It's only a half a pound heavier. It's a bit smaller too. Any mac you get you will like but why buy a pro with a hard drive when the flash drives being so much better. If you need an optical drive like you said just get you an external. Trust me. The retina pro is the best.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • May 7, 2013