which Retina Macbook is right for me 13 Inch Retina or 15 Inch Retina

So basically i`ve decided that my next Laptop is going to be a Macbook , a first for me. I intend to use it as my main laptop, playing The Sims 3 , surfing the web , youtube, watching 1080p movies on itunes and pretty much basic stuff. I've used the Macbook pro Retinas at the Apple store and have been impressed with them, and i`m having trouble deciding what model to get. Currently my Itunes library has about 2GB of music and 30 GB of movies and Shows on my laptop( will most likely increase), other than a few Word documents.

Basically my requirements are
- Great Battery life
- Very fast
- Excellent Display
- Manageable weight
- limited chances the laptop wont be hot
-Quick to learn

As for Storage and RAM I`ve decided to get an external hard drive for more room and an external superdrive for an Optical disc replacement and i doubt i`d need more than 8 GB of RAM. I plan to use the extra money for Applecare .

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    This question has been raised by Bhavesh in another thread. So check that out also.

    If funds and portability are not an issue, go for the 15" computer. I own a 13" and while it is ample for surfing and writing, I find that it lacks screen space for other apps like editing and more detailed work. And now I'm thinking of upgrading to the 15".
    When editing at home, I connect the laptop to a larger 24" monitor, and that works well - but if I want to edit away from home, or say, on the back porch, 13" is tiny.

    Plus the 15" comes with a discrete graphics card which is better for more advanced uses.

    If funds are not an issue, get the largest hard drive available and don't forget the external optical drive for "old" cd/dvd uses.
    The 15" will be a bit heavier, but the real estate in screen size is worth it, unless you commute to work with it everyday.

    Hope this helps,

    • Answered by Mohamed S from Bowie
    • Dec 26, 2013
  • get the 13 inch macbook

    • Answered by Aminullah M from Hayward
    • Jul 23, 2014