why upgrade from snow leopard to mountain lion

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    Lion offered hundreds of new features like mission control, air drop, auto save, and hundreds more. Mountain lion offered hundreds of new features as well, such as notes, reminders, notification center and many more. I personally like mountain lion much more than lion, and I liked lion a lot more than snow leopard. Mountain lion also supports more apps. OS X Mavericks will be coming this fall, and I assume you will be able to get it from snow leopard, but if your computer is incompatible with it, mountain lion will be the last OS you can get, and apple will most likely take it down when OS X Mavericks comes out.

    • Answered by Mark B from Golden
    • Jul 17, 2013
  • What I notice most about Mountain Lion is the smoothness of its networking. I use it on a smallish home network with at times 6 machines and up to 5 NAS devices, and on a very large health care network at my office. Compared to Snow Leopard, almost every networking detail is smoother and crisper. If I recall correctly, under Snow Leopard, if I attempted to access a local or network drive that was idle, the Finder would be "stuck" as the drive would come to speed and disclose its contents. With Mountain Lion, I can sequentially and promptly click on multiple such volumes, one immediately after another, and then quickly perform another task as they all spin up at once.

    • Answered by William P from Seattle
    • Jul 20, 2013