Will boot camp affect my fusion drive?

I am a techie so don't be afraid to use technical terms. I want to buy a Mac mini with a fusion drive. I also want to portion the HDD to 3/4 OS X and 1/4 windows. If I do this, will it also portion my SSD? Because I want to keep all of the flash for OS X because I will use it a lot more than windows.

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    According to the knowledge base on support.apple.com (I can't link there, but the article ID is HT5446):

    You can add one extra partition to the hard disk used in a Fusion Drive volume. This partition can be formatted for Mac OS X or Windows. This extra partition will only use the hard drive and not the flash drive.

    So basically, yes, it does what you want. :)

    • Answered by James F
    • Dec 8, 2012