what do I need to recharge my iphone and ipad in Italy? Can I get one charger that charges both at the same time?

Apple iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable

Apple iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable

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    If you pack the charger which came with your iPad then you will have a device which will recharge both your iPhone and your iPad. This is because the iPad has a greater current draw so your iPhone charger will not work as well.

    The only thing you will need then is an adapter for the european style power socket. An Apple world wide travel kit is available from the Apple store on line or you could walk into any Apple store or reseller and pick one up as well.

  • Once in Italy, you can visit an Apple Store (or probably other stores too) and purchase the Italian equivalent of the "sugar cube" USB wall charger that Apple sells in the US. You can also spend a bit more and get the world travel kit, but unless you travel a lot it might be a waste of money. Try switching the Apple Online Store to the Italy Store and look at iPhone or iPad chargers. If you end up getting a cable that plugs right into your phone or tablet, make sure it is Dock Connector and not a Lightning Connector.

  • Yes you can buy a double european adapter that will be usefull for both. Also for many other things.

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