What else doI need to install. Do I need Win 07 and office 2010 for PC installed or do I just Office for Mac. Thanks

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    If it were parallels you are asking about, then you would just need a Windows XP, vista 7, or 8.

    If you want Words, Power Point, excel etc. on it, then you would need Office on top of your parallel installed Windows. But Macs are also supported for Office; you can get Office pack for mac, without any help from OS Windows. You can also get iWorks, which is nearly the same as Office, just made by Apple.

    If you were wondering about parallels just because of Office pack, then I highly prefer you, to not deal with it. It is better to run the system without it, depending upon, if Mac OSX fills your needs.

  • A word of caution. For Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, the Mac version works well. But if you are a power Outlook person, there are so many shortcomings and glitches in Outlook for Mac, I would suggest staying with the PC version.